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3D Models:

Mock-up and Prototype: For early product design idea, it provides mock-up, we use the most advanced 3D printing failities (SLA / SLS), industrial-grade CNC mill, DLP molding machine, can produce perfect appearance and functional prototype. On the other hand, we also provides post processing surface treatment, including color, polishing, spray painting, sandblasting, screen printing, pad printing, UV oil, metal oxide, drawing, electroplating and so on.



Better Service to You:

1) Advanced printing technology - SLA and SLS, accuracy 0.1mm, offer the best quality

2) 3D printing needs just 3 days or even faster to complete, faster and reliable

3) Self-own post processing team allows perfect post-processing surface 

4) Confidentiality agreement let full protection of original design

5) 3D file edit and advisory service, offer one-chain service 

6) With comprehensive local and overseas shipment