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Client Cases

  • Souvenir item: Turning client's concept into reality, from simple sketch to 3d design, then we enhance the model by a variety of post processing treatment. The finished object is excellent to present as memorial gift.


  • 3D scan and production: Real time 3D scan and filming captures 360-degree data of the object, we then turn into the 3d design file for 3d printing.  It makes unique vechicle for the client, the output is perfect.


  • 3D Printing Copper: 3d printing copper buddhist statues. The height of the object is 37cm with more than 10kg weight. Buddhists customer then go to gild the statues and dedication ceremony.



  • Exhibits production: From a few 2d draft sketch, through the efforts of our colleagues from various dept, 3d print the real object as per client's desire. Adding perfect 3d printed exhibit to Towngas North Point Showroom.


  • Transparent / translucent 3d printing: With US-imported Somos material, plus surface process treatment from our colleagues, the finished product no matter whether it is transparent or translucent, can meet customers' highest standard.


  • Prototype and small volume production: We focus on 3d prototype industry, offering industrial-level 3d printing and CNC prototype, from3d drawing, 3d printing, 3d scanning, after-printed surface treatment.  We act as one-stop service provider.  Welcome to upload 3d file or provide your drafted 2d sketch, or directly contact us.


* As per Non Disclosure Agreement, more client cases are available but cannot be posted, please accept our apology.