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Bring a broad spectrum of materials for your choice

High resolution resin

A high degree of precision plastic
Has excellent clarity and surface smoothness
Over 50% higher than traditional ABS plastic in strength, can withstand greater impact
Very suitable for applications in functional test model and display HD effect


Nylon Plastic

Also named as Polyamide (PA), very light-weight, waterproof and not easy breakable
High heat resistance, high elastic in nature, there is a certain degree of light transmission
Widely used in printing on lighting, slingshots and those with tensile feature


Transparent resin

Hard and waterproof in nature
After post-processing, there will be excellent clarity and smoothness
Suitable for printing objects with good surface and transparent appearance


High resolution red wax

Has excellent clarity and surface smoothness, hard and slightly crisp
Layer thickness can reach to 0.016mm, allows high degree of detail
Widely used in fine jewelry and high-precision printing works


Green wax

Surface is gloss and soft, with nano-grade wax content and very high degree of accuracy.
Has excellent molding performance, very suitable for lost-wax casting.
Widely used in jewelry handicraft industry.


Gypsum powder

A mixture of fine granular powder
Hard but brittle in nature, not waterproof, coarse surface
For fast printing, non-functional and non-thermal test purposes


Apart from 3D printing, we also offer another prototype method by our CNC routers, making more model ideas

3D CNC Prototype Materials


Hard in nature and sandy surface with high resistance
After post-processing, it will enhance surface smoothness
Suitable for display design ideas and to make more models for design review


Polycarbonate PC

With high tension and heat resistance, can withstand greater impact
Colorless and transparent in nature with high elasticity in post processing
Suitable for use in those such as water bottles, lenses, mobile phone shell model etc


Our CNC routers can also mill other materials of plastic and metal, such as PMMA, PA, PP, POM, Stain Steel, Brass, Aluminum alloy etc, suitable for the need of more models, welcome to contact us in details.